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Hi all,

The internal HDD of the Torrent Server OVA image is just 20 GB, is there a way how to increase it ? I tried to add an extra HD (in virtual box -> Settings -> Storage ->  Add Hard disk) but it does not see it (not even with the command fdisk -l) when the machine is started. 

Thank you in advance for your support!



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So I resolved this by creating a second HD (512 GB) but vdi and not vmdk. Then I formatted it with

mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdc

Mounted :

mount /dev/sdc /mnt

and changed permissions:

chmod -R 755 /mnt

In the settings I changed the download folder to /mnt and now it has 512 GB of space.

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It sounds like you've worked your way around it. FWIW, if you wish to use the free space in other filesystem locations, you can use mount --bind to mount a directory to another filesystem location.

As another potential option, our VM builds are configured with LVM. If you're unfamiliar with LVM, it's sort of a little bit like software RAID (it's not really but from this perspective the analogy works).

So if you want to add additional space to your root partition it's as simple as adding a new volume to the LVM and extending the filesystem across the new volume. There is a dated blog post that covers that. It's pretty old but should still be 100% relevant.

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Thank you Jeremy! All roads lead to Rome at the end :)

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