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I´m trying to learn how to create a new turnkey machine.

Following the SandBox tutorial here :

When i perform the "time make" command it fails and returns this : 


mksquashfs $(deck --get-level=last build/root.sandbox) build/cdroot/caspser/20sandbox.squashfs

fatal: unrecognized option: --get-level=last


Can anyone point what i´m doing wrong ?

Sorry for the lousy english, not my native language.

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The build levels in deck (the tool we use to create the different levels) don't quite work the same as they used to previously. FWIW, we had to rewrite deck for v15.0 to use OverlayFS. v14.x (and previous) had a different overlay filesystem called auFS - whilst they provide similar functionality, they work differently.

So the new deck was written for our basic purposes to get the appliances updated for v15.0 release. It doesn't (yet) have all the functionality of the old deck and we'll need to update the docs and/or fix deck and/or fab . Apologies that we haven't updated the docs (or done more with deck etc) so following the docs "just works" (as it should). I've been focused on getting the v15.0 release out the door!

Anyway, the basic functionality of TKLDev still remains, it's just not quite as friendly for development as it was. And as you note, some of the docs don't quite apply anymore.

So apologies for your poor experience. It's not you, it's us! :)

In the meantime, you may have to keep rebuilding from scratch each time you make adjustments I think, rather than using the sandbox. Although TBH, I'm not 100% sure.

FWIW, I've posted an issue related to this on our issue tracker.

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No need to apologies at all. 

Thanks for the explanation. 

I finished the reading and after a few tries a could understand the process a little better. I create some new ISO with a list of packages needed in one personal project and its working fine.



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Thanks for your understanding. I'm really glad to hear that you've managed to work it out.

Out of interest, do you feel like sharing what you are working on? It's always interesting to hear what users are using TurnKey for.

Also if it only uses open source software and fits with out roadmap and appliance standards, then perhaps we could consider adding your new appliance to the library? Just a thought...

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