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Just running the standard "make" command off of a forked tkl-apps repository (magento)

Getting this error.

/usr/share/fab/product.mk:535: recipe for target 'build/stamps/root.patched' failed
make: *** [build/stamps/root.patched] Error 1
++ gh_releases magento/magento2
Usage: gh_releases.sh <user>/<repo>
      environment variables to be set.
For debugging, set DEBUG=y.


I can probably do a ./bt-iso without the Make process before and just pull from a Repo, but it would be good to go through the full process it seems to me.


thank you for your help Jeremy and team.

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Note this right at the top:


Then further down:

      environment variables to be set.

So it's wanting you to set a GITHUB_USER user environment variable (as well as a GITHUB_USER_TOKEN). :)

Besides that help, there is note of it in the buildtasks example common.cfg file, although you do raise a good point. The gh_releases script should probably provide a bit more explicit help. So I've opened an new issue on the tracker. I've documented it a bit more there for now.

FWIW what that script does, is checks for the latest release of GitHub hosted source code. The reason why it requires that info is because to be reliable, it needs to download all of the available tag and release info from the repo (when accessed via API, it's often not sorted; so we need to check it all. Non-authenticated/anonymous GitHub access only provides a limited amount of info and under some circumstance, you may hit the rate limit. Doing that as an authenticated user (with username and token gives you a much higher rate limit when accessing info from GitHub.

Hopefully the new issue provides enough info. Please let me know if you need more assistance with that.

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My issue was that I really had tried to set my user credentials.

Tried every way I knew in fact.  

I will work on it more.


BTW,  I did just now get a good Magento Build from the mirror ISO source and installed full circle.  Yay.  Always a milestone.

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My interpretation is that I need to "fill in the blanks" there.

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Have a read of the issue, although perhaps I need to tweak the instructions a little to make it more clear?

The method where they are set within a bashrc.d file is probably the most versatile. The env vars should then be set automatically when you log in and should work with both buildtasks bt scripts and/or when you run make in a products directory.

In case it's not clear, you need to replace 'YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME' with your actual GitHub username and 'YOUR_PERSONAL_TOKEN' with your actual GitHub token. See the issue for info about getting a token if you don't already have one.

Congrats on the successful buildtasks build! :)

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