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Hi everyone i'm using proxmox 6.1-3 and run a LXC Turnkey Wordpress in priveledged mode. Every service(postfix, dovecot clamav , spamassin ) on LXC is running well but when i check some services status as postfix, clamav-deamon ,  i get message error like as Failed to reset devices.list: Operation not permitted.

postfix.service: Failed to reset devices.list: Operation not permitted

Should i ignore these message or how can i do to resolve this error ?

Thanks you

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It's just a warning that SystemD is trying to do something that isn't allowed inside a container by the host system kernel. It's not really an issue. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of how you might be able to stop it reporting that, but it shouldn't do any harm...

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Thanks for your response . So i just ignore that warning. 

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