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One of our servers is executing Firstboot each time we SSH into the device. RUN_FIRSTBOOT is false.



We have not found any issues with filesystem corruption or anything strange in syslog or dmesg. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Which particular appliance and which version is it? If you're unsure, please post the output of 'turnkey-version'. Also what buildtype is it (i.e. what platform is it running on and/or how did you install it).

Is this a relatively fresh install? Or is it an older appliance that this has it just started happening to out of the blue?

And just to clarify, is this only after you reboot the appliance? Or is it everytime you log in via SSH?

I'll almost certainly have more questions and hopefully some commands to try, etc. But please answer these questions and provide as much further info as you can. FWIW you can't really ever give too much information, or be too verbose when reporting an issue! Sometimes even seemingly inconsequential facts help troubleshoot the cause.

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