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I want to delete my account on

Is there some way I can facilitate that process because I cannot find it on this website anywhere.

Thank you.

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Assming that you mean the website, then you are right. That is a bit weird TBH. I've never noticed as I can delete accounts (including my own) as I'm an administrator, but I just tested in a non-admin account and I can't find it anywhere. So that's a bug in my opinion.

So I've just triggered an account deletion for you. It requires email confirmation (i.e .check your email and it should contain a link to cancel your account). Please post back if it doesn't work.

Also, if you have any feedback for us. I'd be particularly interested in hearing why you no longer want a TurnKey account, but happy to hear anything you'd care to share (good or bad).

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Hi Jeremy,

The link you sent me did not work. It simply says access denied "You are not authorized to access this page". Under Home/User account/Ben/Cancel account/Cancel account/Cancel account/Access denied

I'm finding a lot of smaller/obscure websites don't offer an option to delete/disable an account. Deletion is best. Some services people haven't used for years may still have an active account with personally identifiable information in it such as a job application account or an old forum. 

I don't remember why I created a turnkey linux account. I may have used it to download a debian server prebuilt for minecraft or something a long time ago. I like the idea, but I think I'm going the route of configuring those things my own way for now. 



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Thanks for that. It sounds like there is a permission issue somewhere in there. I'll have to dig in and have a look. For now I'll just manually delete your account.

Thanks to for your feedback. Take care and good luck with it all.

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