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found this docker image : turnkeylinux/roundup-14.0

But it seems it isn't maintained. Is the docker file available to give an upgrade to 2.1.0 a try ?

Want to test Roundup as container with a PostgreSQL container as backend.

Thanks, Norbert

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There are newer releases available from turnkeylinux/roundup - although it's still unmaintained (latest release was v15.2 - latest is 16.1).

It's also worth adding, that our docker builds are a bit of a hack. They're not typical docker builds. They're actually a monolithic install (that still includes MySQL/MariaDB) so I don't think it's what you are after anyway...

Do you actually have any problems with the MySQL/MariaDB backend? FYI I have spoken with one of the roundup devs about it a while ago. I asked him about whether moving to a PostgreSQL backend would be preferable and he suggested that we stick with the MySQL/MariaDB backend (so we did).

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Our productio system of Roundup runs under Windows with SQLite.

We have to change the backend because of the number of issues and messages. And we want to change the hosting to Linux / docker.

MySQL/MariaDB of the TurnKey Roundup appliance works. So no need for PostgreSQL.


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