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Hi Pls tell me what of your ready to use Apps to Install in my VM to set up Bitwarden there.

Maybe someone has already done this or similar and can give me advice?

Many THX


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TBH, I'm not 100% sure what dependencies Bitwarden has, but assuming that there are instructions on how to install it from scratch on Debian/Ubuntu, then I suggest starting with Core. It's the most minimal of all of our appliances, so is a good starting point if you are unclear on exactly what you need. Extra software - such as a webserver, etc can be installed via apt.

For future reference, I suggest checking what the apps requirements are. If it's unclear or a bit esoteric, then Core is a good start. If it requires Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP, then the chances are our LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL/MariaDB & PHP) appliance is a good starting point.

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