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Thanks for your continued efforts with these VM packages. I was wondering if you could build a new Observium VM image, using your magic sauce please?

The last update details below:

Observium Community is distributed via 6-monthly .tar.gz releases under the QPL Open Source license. The most recent release is 17.9 (25th September 2017) based on Professional Edition r8859. It contains 731 commits and tens of thousands of changed lines of code since the previous release.

Thank you.

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I'm not sure when we'll be doing our next release. I genuinely hope it will be soon, but to be honest, that still won't be soon enough! We're currently working on v15.0 behind the scenes, but we've had some major hurdles so far so development is a long way behind schedule.

Part of me is tempted to refresh the current images with newer versions of software, but that would likely put us back even further behind schedule. We do keep an eye out for security issues to ensure that even though the software is a little stale in some, it shouldn't be insecure (and if you find anything different, please do not hesitate to get in touch via

If you wish to use the latest version of Observium, you can update it yourself to the latest version. The instructions can be found in the Observium docs. We've also had a feature request to include an update script developed by a community member. I am hoping to include that in the next release, although considering that it doesn't check that you need an update first, I think we'll include it as an "experimental" feature (it should work fine, but even if there aren't any new updates, it'll download and install anyway).

I know it isn't what you asked for, but hopefully that will help in the meantime?!

Also FYI, if you use TKLBAM and migrate to a new server, any updates you do, will be included in your backup.

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