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Hi all,

I've been trying to figure out how to solve this without success, maybe I'm missing something.

I have a turnkey virtual appliance with wordpress as an intranet since a couple of years, we can access it on the local network and through a VPN connection. I've recently deployed two more appliances, OTRS (finally installed osticket over) and redmine for ticketing and project management, but I can't access the last two through VPN.

All three are in same local network, so it shouldn't be our firewall. While on VPN I can reach other physical and virtual machines, wordpress one mentioned above included, but can't reach these two other turnkey appliances.


Any hints to start troubleshooting?

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If you can't reach them via IP address, then I'm almost certain that it's something to do with your network config such as routing.

If you can reach them via IP, but not via domain (assuming you have that set up) then it's likely a DNS issue (possibly your VPN clients getting the DNS info from the internet, rather than your internal DNS server).

OTTOMH, neither of the other appliances you note do anything substantially different to WordPress.

If none of that helps, please provide more details on how it's all set up, and how your networking is configured. Info like how you access the servers (i.e. IP or FQDN) how the routing is configured (e.g. is it NATed? Are you using forwarded requests?) etc would likely be useful in helping to troubleshoot.

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