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I would like to access the VTiger turnkey hub but it looks like I am not authorized to access the page.

Is there a reason for that or is that a bug?

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When we tried to install the (latest at the time) v7.x version of vTiger, when we did our major version update (ie. v14.x to v15.x) we had issues. I don't recall what the exact "deal breaker" problem was, but we decided to skip vTiger at that point (with a plan to revisit in the future in the hope that the new release was more stable). Hopefully I will get back to it at some point, but not sure when.

So the most recent build (v14.2) of our vTiger appliance is very dated. It has vTiger version 6.5. As that is no longer supported by vTiger and may have security issues (none that I am aware of, but I can't be sure), I thought it best to remove easy access to it.

If you are clear on these shortcomings and still want to use it, it can still be found on our mirror. All the builds are here. E.g. if you want an ISO, you can find them here.

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