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Is there a version 16.0 of TKL Dev for Docker?  I saw that there was an older version (~v15 I believe). If not, is there a way that someone would be able to generate one (or share some instructions on how to do so)? 


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Unfortunately TKLDev doesn't work within containers (Docker or LXC). That is because TKLDev uses the the default union filesystem (overlayfs) to create the different stages of the build. Unfortunately overlayfs only supports one writable layer so it's incompatible with other tools that also rely on overlayfs.

So you'll need to fire up a proper VM.

PS It is an issue we'd like to resolve, but we have limited resources and we have a lot of higher priority issues.

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Hey Jeremy! Understood, thanks for the quick response!

Followup / semi-related question. For building applications, do you use an automated build process? Or do you build each app manually / individaully? 

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We have played with some automation, but we still need to manually test each one, so we haven't put a ton of effort into it (TBH not a lot of additional value against doing a batch build). We did actually make some initial steps to set up testing automation, and with that in place, automated builds would make tons of sense.

I'd be more than happy to hear your ideas if you have some specific thoughts around it all.

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