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Hello! I have a problem with gitlab that I don't know very well how to attack it. We have just started using the deployments\deliveries\versions section. I can publish without problems, add files and share the links. I can also delete the links without any problem, but when I delete them the files are still stored on the server...

How can I delete the files to recover that space? Thank you

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I don't use GitLab so have no idea about this sorry.

I suggest that you first try searching the docs, although I did have a quick look and I couldn't find anything that seemed relevant!?

Assuming you don't do any better than me, then I suggest posting on their forums. Hopefully someone there can help out?!

Assuming that you do end up posting over there, please feel free to post a link here, especially if you get a good answer.

Sorry that I don't have any ideas. Good luck.

PS, I cast my net a little wider and did find a quite old, but perhaps relevant Stackoverflow post. Be careful blindly following any advice there, and always be sure to have a backup (in case something goes wrong) but perhaps that has an answer?

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Thanx Jeremy! i try to solve this whit your help

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