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I'd like to implement Let's Encrypt on my VMWare ESXi-based Joomla 3 TurnKey Linux VM - however, despite best efforts between David W (my IT Consultant) and myself, we have not been able to do so.  David has traced this to a recent change in LE's API that does not appear to be supported under my current VM.

I'd like to contract with someone at TurnKey Linux to upgrade TurnKey Core to support LE.  If someone could contact me, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you!

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Hi Todd. By default it should "just work". Our integration uses the HTTP-01 authentication method and to the best of my knowledge it hasn't been changed for some time now?! It is important to note that it can only use port 80. So port 80 must be available from your server (even if you are only serving HTTPS - on 443).

So first up, could you please share some more info about your server? For starters this will help (shows TurnKey version, Debian version and confconsole and dehydrated package versions):

lsb_release -a
apt-cache policy confconsole dehydrated

That will allow me to double check myself and see if I can recreate your issue. If I can, then I'll devise a fix to get you going. If I can't recreate it, then at least we'll know it's something specific to your server.

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