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Hey guys,

I would like to understand why the EC2 T3.* instances are not available to launch via Turnkey HUB.

I only see T2 instances.



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Thanks for you interest in the new T3 AWS instance sizes.

We've been a little slow to support them, but it's in progress. The first part of the puzzle was making AMIs that are compatible with the new instance sizes. We've got them working now. So (most) our instances on AWS Marketplace (at least those that have been rebuilt and updated - ~70% of the library) will support that shortly (hopefully this week?!).

Adding support to the Hub will take a little longer. I've opened a separate issue for that, but it will need us to see what may need to be adjusted to make the Hub launch the new instance sizes. On face value it seems fairly straight forward, but it is possible that it may not be quite as simple as simply adding them to the interface. FWIW to build them we needed to use a newer AWS API version than we were previously using, and the same may be true of the Hub?

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Thanks Jeremy,

Gonna keep an eye on those issues.

Best regards.

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