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hi forks. i am not developer or savvy in coding. plz consider when response to simple user. using electrum 2.6.4 as a bundle in turn key-bitkey 14.02.0 64-bit. trying to broadcast transaction. Shows error: server did not answer already second day. please advice what to do?

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read suggestion on reddit to manually select a server. I did and got disconnected from all services. Not cannot connect back. SErver disconnected.

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Unfortunately, BitKey is in desperate need of some love... We've been flat out and haven't had a chance to do much with it for ages. There was a community volunteer who had been working on it, but he's been busy and hasn't had a chance to finalise the update.

So at this point, I suspect that it's broken, until we can get a chance to fix it and bring it up to date. Unfortunately I have no ETA on when that might be...

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