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Hi all! I'm trying to deploy Moodle via turnkey hub. I've got the server instance running, but I'm trying to migrate out site from a locally hosted server to the turnkey instance. As step one is to migrate the database, I thought I'd try to use Adminer which is part of the image. However, when I try to login none of the user accounts I've setup work. Further, Adminer will only show MySQL as the database to connect to, but when I run "mysql -u root" on the server I'm redirected to MariaDB. 

Has anyone else had this problem? 

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So your experience of being "redirected" to MariaDB is expected. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL that provides a MySQL "drop in replacement". So for your purposes, MariaDB is MySQL.

Regarding your experience with Adminer: "when I try to login none of the user accounts I've setup work", I'm not 100% clear what you mean here? Do you mean that you can't log into Adminer with the user you've created?

Personally, I'd be inclined to use the existing DB user ('moodle') and just delete (or rename) the existing DB (also called 'moodle') then upload the DB you are migrating in and grant the existing 'moodle' DB user full access. Then I'd move the existing site data (mv /var/www/moodle /var/www/moodle.orig), create a new /var/www/moodle dir and upload your site data there. If you keep the existing Moodle user, then be sure to grab the password from the original site config file.

I hope that makes sense and helps get you going. If you have further questions, or something I've said isn't clear or doesn't quite make sense, please post back.

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