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Hi there, I don't fully understand what ways there are to get a delta of everything in (for example) /etc that I've modified since installation. TKLBAM will do this, yes? But what form is it in if I want to pick thru it to e.g. look at a VM I've messed with and am now replicating in TLKdev?

Is there another way that doesn't involve making a backup?

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If the server is linked to the Hub (i.e. via 'tklbam-init') then you can run a backup simulation like this:

tklbam-backup --simulate # or just -s

You'll then find a /TKLBAM directory on your system. You can have a poke around in there to see what would be included in a backup.

If you just want to know changes to /etc, then an alternative path is to check the etckeeper history. TurnKey includes etckeeper configured to use git to keep track of /etc.

If neither of those work for you (e.g. server not linked to the Hub and want changes outside of /etc) then unfortunately, you'll need to generate a profile. We generate them (from the ISO) when we build the servers, but distribute them via the Hub - so I don't have direct access to old ones. There are some notes on generating profiles in the tklbam-profile repo readme. Also you can view the buildtasks script we use to generate the profiles from the ISO. In case it's not obvious, to create a local "clean" profile, you'll want to run that script against an ISO.

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Ahh, etckeeper looks like it will do 98% of what I need, excellent. I thought there was something like that, glad I wasn't mistaken :)

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As you've probably already realised by now, it's essentially just a git repo with changes noted. If you get stuck trying to work it out, I'm no git hero, but I'm fairly familiar with it...

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