I have an interesting problem with the Login page from the WordPress Profile Builder plugin.  It works as expected when I use a laptop/desktop, and displays the login page properly (i.e., under login input fields, there are links to "Register / Lost Password".

However, if I use a mobile device, the "Register" link is missing.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Not sure why I missed this one (perhaps because it had the same subject as teh one I already relied to?), but just noticed it...

Unfortunately though, I'm not going to be much help. It sounds more like an issue with the plugin itself (or perhaps the theme you're using?). You may be able to get some more insight if you use the "developer tools" of your web browser. That will often display more info such as issues with javascript or CSS.

Failing that, I would suggest checking with the plugin's support options. FWIW, it looks like they have a support forum.

Please keep in mind that the TurnKey Linux v16.0 WordPress appliance is Debian under the hood. PHP (v7.3), Apache (v2.4) and MariaDB (v10.3) are all installed from the Debian repos. If you need any further info re the default appliance, please ask. Also if you discover anything that might be of value to other TurnKey users, please post back.

No worries!

For now I have deactivated my ProfileBuilder plugin.  The OOTB WP Login Form seems to do the job for now. I will of course ocntinue investigating this, and post back any insights I get.

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