When I SSH to a VM and start confconsole, and something goes wrong, or there are some "for more information go to <URL>..." I would very much like to be able to select said text to be able to 

  • post the error message here
  • paste the selected text (e.g. URL) to my browser and not need to type it in
  • in general feel less like a moron who is bossed around

So do you think it would be possible to make confconsole (what is it - ncurses?) behave like every other text-based UI in the known Unixverse?

My sanity would appreciate it very much.



I can tell you why this f*ing forum software is eating my messages:

Because I am a nice guy and click on "preview" before actually posting them. Shouldn't do that.

When I click on "save" afterwards, the forum takes a little bit too long for my taste, then my writeup appears without a body.

Fortunately with comments this problem doesn't seem to be a thing.

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Unfortunately it's one of those issues which doesn't occur reliably. Intermittent issues are a real pain to troubleshoot, because by their nature they don't occur reliably it's hard to reproduce them as desired. And without being able to reproduce the issue, it's really hard to work out what the actual problem is...

The fact that my PHP understanding is pretty rudimentary and the website predates my involvement by a long shot. We did have a PHP expert on the team at one point, but after having a look at it, he couldn't work it out either... So TBH, I'm not really sure what to do with it...

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