I run two GL instances. One without problems, the other... 

It seems I need to fetch a new letsencrypt cert. confconsole to the rescue, yeah, yadda yadda "will utilize gitlab omnibus something" yadda (can't copy and paste it anyway so why bother).



Seems he doesn't like the domain name "https". Sure. I don't like it either. So after some searching, I found


external_url 'https://https://<herethedomain>'

where <herethedomain> is - of course - the concrete domain.

If I remove the superfluous https://, before calling confconsole, it re-appears after calling it.

Or If I remove both https:// ... they appear 3-times ... it's a f*ing mess. I'd very much like to solve it somehow, but having relied on someone else to provide the infrastructure, I find myself with limited own devices.

I.e. as the whole update process is somewhat opaque to me, I'm not sure what I can do to avoid this senseless groundhog-day-like prepending of https:// to the external_url.

So maybe someone can help.

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So the confconsole plugin will add "https://" at the start of the domain that you add to Confconsole. So if you are writing in something like this:


Then the current code will write this to the config file (/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb):

external_url 'https://https://your.domain.com'

However, if you just put in the domain name, i.e.:


Then the relevant config file line should be something like this:

external_url 'https://your.domain.com'

It shouldn't matter what is in the file already. It should overwrite the external_url line from the first single quote onwards with whatever you put in the domain box, but with 'https://' prefixed in front.

I guess that we probably should be checking for the https:// or http:// before we add the https://...

If that isn't working as I noted, then please confirm which exact version the problematic appliance is via 'turnkey-version' and I'll try digging a bit deeper.

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