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the image debian-10-turnkey-wordpress_16.1-1_amd64.tar.gz

on proxmox 6 doesn't work anymore, it install and start, but no apache or nginx and sql server start


Who manage this image, you or proxmox team?


Thank you.

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We manage our images.

When you say "doesn't work anymore", have you used it before ok? Or are you just assuming that they work (which they should...).

Also, are you running it as an unprivileged container? If so, I would expect it to work fine. What you note does sound like expected behaviour if run as a privileged container, so perhaps that's the issue?

Otherwise, please share as much as possible about the relevant settings you are using to launch the container. Also please share the output of 'systemctl status <servicename>' of any services not running as expected. You should be able to guess the names with the help of tab complete?!

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