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Hi is there a step by step guide out there?

Pls. Help





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It should be pretty straight forward (generally the defaults should be fine - so enter, enter, etc)?!

Having said that, our current appliances don't have great hardware support. Currently they do not support UEFI boot, so you might need to set it to provide legacy BIOS boot if possible. So if yo uhave quite new hardware, it might be impractical to install to bare metal?!

Personally, I don't recommend installing direct to hardware anyway, unless it's particularly old hardware that you have laying around but want to make use of. I say that as running servers as VMs or containers gives you much more flexibility and control. My hypervisor of choice is Proxmox Virtual Environment and you can download and run TurnKey LXC containers (that run close to bare metal performance, with the flexibility of a VM) direct from the Proxmox web UI.

Regardless, if you care to share some more info about your hardware and/or any specific questions you have or issues you are hitting up against trying to install TurnKey to hardware, then I'm more than happy to try to help you out as best I can.

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