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I have installed Turnkey LXC successfully using the OVA file on VirtualBox. It's running nicely, I have it configured to backup via TKLBAM which is all wired up through and AWS. I've tested the auto backup process and that is working very nicely.

Now I moved onto wanting to creating some actual Linux containers and followed the Wordpress tutorial. After configuring the inithooks.conf file from the .example file I found in /root (thanks for that!) and as per the tutorial, its looking like this:


# change the passwords, domains, and addresses before first use


export APP_EMAIL=webmaster@mydomain
export APP_DOMAIN=mydomain

# uncomment the following line with appropriate url to override default apt_proxy address
#export APT_PROXY=http[s]://[external_proxy_host_domain||external_proxy_ip]:[port]
# note: the apt_proxy url must be compatible with apt's proxy specification

# uncomment the following lines to specify static addressing
#export IP_CONFIG=static           # select static mode
#export IP_ADDRESS=XX.XX.XX.XX     # static ip address
#export IP_NETMASK=   # static netmask
#export IP_GW=YY.YY.YY.YY          # static gateway address
#export IP_DNS1=DD.DD.DD.DD        # optional first dns server address
#export IP_DNS2=EE.EE.EE.EE        # optional second dns server address

using the following command to fire up the container:

lxc-create -n wp1 -f /etc/lxc/bridge.conf -t turnkey -- wordpress -i /root/inithooks.conf


i get the following error:

root@lxc ~# lxc-create -n wp1 -f /etc/lxc/bridge.conf -t turnkey -- wordpress -i /root/inithooks.conf

FATAL [lxc-turnkey]: turnkey version 16.1-buster is not recognized:
lxc-create: lxccontainer.c: create_run_template: 1297 container creation template for wp1 failed
lxc-create: tools/lxc_create.c: main: 318 Error creating container wp1

Can someone help me shed some light onthe subject here? 





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Unfortunately, our LXC appliance is a bit broken and unmaintained. The most recent LXC appliance is v15.x and it's not aware of v16.x.

All our current appliances are v16.x (and we're currently madly working on our upcoming new v17.0 release). We did do a fair bit of work on migrating our LXC host appliance to v16.x, but there were a number of issues (mostly known issues involving systemd) and we ended up putting it aside (we're a small team and have lots going on). So it never got updated for v16.x.

I am hoping that most of the issues have been resolved for v17.x and I will be able to get it going again for v17.x.

In the meantime, IIRC it was possible to specify a version explicitly. Although I suspect that the script will require some tweaks regardless. Actually, the "template script" that we provide, has actually already been updated to support v16.x, although I'm not sure that there won't be other issues.

To get the updated TurnKey template script, do this:

wget -O /$TPL $URL

Although, as I say, I'm not 100% sure that that will be enough (actually I doubt it is). So beyond that, further work may be required to get it all going. I'm more than happy to share what I can to help you get it going, but I'm pretty bogged down trying to get v17.0 released, so I can't promise how much time/energy I will be able to provide.

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