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Hi, I prefer phpmyadmin over adminer, and tried to install phpmyadmin, but its not working.  how can i install phpmyadmin and get it to work?

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It should in theory be possible, although you will need to host it via a sub-directory (or subdomain) as it doesn't respect the port configuration that we use for alternate web UIs (it falls back to 443).

So long as you are ok with that, then it should certainly be possible. If you can describe more about how you installed it and exactly what issues you are having, I'm happy to try to assist.

FWIW the fact that it doesn't respect the port was the main/initial reason why we switched to Adminer. Another reason was that it also supports other DBs (other than MySQL/MariaDB) so can be consistent across lots more appliances (lowering our maintenance overhead). Adminer is also smaller and lighter weight.

Whilst we get that a few extra MB in the appliance doesn't make much difference to end users, when we're providing 100+ different appliances (of which around 70% have MySQL/MariaDB), in multiple build formats, it saves us a lot of bandwidth and storage costs over time.

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