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It didn't present the webpage indicated by the preinstall screen.

Then I found that the gpg key is expired, had to refresh it using the following.

 awk '/deb \[signed-by=/{
       pubkey = $2;
       sub(/\[signed-by=/, "", pubkey);
       sub(/\]$/, "", pubkey);
       print pubkey
     }' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gitlab-?e.list | \
   while read line; do
     curl -s "" | gpg --dearmor > $line

After that, it still didn't work and while processing an upgrade, it wanted to upgrade to gitlab version 15 and kept erroring out. At that point I just deleted the container and posted here.

Moving on to gitea

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Firstly, apologies on such a slow response...

I haven't tested it, but the command you note should (at least by my limited understanding of awk) have worked. FWIW, it should be getting the key path from the gitlab-ce.list file and downloading the new key to the same location. It may have failed if the gitlab-ce.list file is named something else (it shouldn't be, but is possible).

We've had tons of issues maintaining GitLab, hence why the appliance is not as up to date as it ideally should be...

Having said all that, unless you need all the bells and whistles that GitLab provides, Gitea is probably a better option anyway. It needs significantly less resources and will generally give a much better user experience.

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Hi Jeremy, Thank you for responding at all, didn't really expect it and, no worries at all, actually I apologize for my tone in the comment I left. I use turnkey builds as offten as possible because I know you all tend to have quality products. I actually did try Gitea and it was pretty nice and was pretty easy to integrate with Drone for CICD functionality. This was the main reason I was looking at gitlab because their newest version has a pretty nice baked in CICD function with runners ect... After evaluating gitea along with drone I decided to just install the newest version of Gitlab from scratch. I was able to get everything that I needed setup and running. Again, thank you for your reply and I am sure there was likely just something I missed during the install that caused the issue I faced. I may try to spin it up again sometime to see if I can get it working. If I do and I find any issues I will shoot you a message letting you know what I found. Regards,

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