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Hope someone can help a new user out

I have a BSD Server loaded with ZoneMinder  1.32.3 with 5 security cams works with no issue.

I want to move them to my Turnkey server which has a lot better hardware however the version is only 1.30.4 i set the cams up with the same setting and none of them work. How can i update the version of Zoneminder? i have tried the normal Apt upgrade etc and its not working.


Any help is much appreciated

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Unfortunately, it appears that the Zoneminder package has been dropped from Debian due to unpatched security updates.

So doing a quick google I found that there is a third party repo that includes newer versions of ZoneMinder for Debian. I don't know anything about it, but reading on the ZoneMinder forums suggests that a number of users are using it and are happy. We'll probably have a closer look when we do the v16.0 update of our ZoneMinder appliance, but on face value it seems legit.

I found a tutorial for installing it here, although please note, that is explicitly for Debian 10/Buster (the basis of the upcoming, but as yet unreleased, TurnKey v16.x). So to install on v15.x, you'll want to substitute any mention of 'buster', with 'stretch' instead. Actually, it looks like they have explicit instructions for installation on Debian 9/Stretch (the basis of v15.x) in their docs so that's even better...

Good luck with it and please report back how you go. I'd be super interested to hear. For now, I've opened a new issue on our tracker, as it seems likely that we'll need to install from there too for v16.x.

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