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I am trying to make an upgrade path for Odoo so need a series of branches  8,9,10,11 etc

Odoo 9 package is requiring an unsupported Python package (and I should have  a workaround)


(at the bottom shows adding python-pypdf2 and ignoring phython-pypdf

How can I get this into the ODOO TKLDEV toolchain for a 9.x Branch (I have a branch treed calling Odoo Branch 9.

dpkg --ignore-depends=python-pypdf -i odoo_*

I may need to go back to the old build pattern but  I expect some of the old build methods also will fail.

There seems to be a "spoof" method also outlined on that link there.

Thanks in advance.

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Either of those suggestions in your link should work fine. To include in TKLDev build code, just make sure that they run before you try installing whatever depends on the python-pypdf package.

If the python-pypdf2 package (from the Debian repos) resolves the dependency really, then that could be included in the plan.

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