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Good morning,

Is there any way to update the gameserver list under ~/gameservers/games ?

The default install only shows six games:

root@box ~/gameservers# ./ --list
| Code       | Name                                               |
| css        | Counter-Strike: Source                             |
| mc         | Minecraft (Java Edition)                           |
| mcb        | Minecraft (Bedrock Edition)                        |
| q3         | Quake III Arena                                    |
| samp       | GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer                       |
| ut         | Unreal Tournament                                  |

But the git page shows a lot more.


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That's a great question! TBH I'm not 100% sure, but a quick look at the buildcode, suggests that you should be able to just pull the latest code from GitHub. My reading of the code suggests something like this should do the trick:

systemctl stop gameserver
cd /root/gameservers
git pull origin master
systemctl start gameserver

Let me know how that goes. If it doesn't work, please share info and I'll fire one up myself and try to recreate the issue myself.

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Yup, you nailed it, that did the job!

Maybe we should add this to the usage documentation?


Thanks Jeremy :)

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To ensure that it doesn't get forgotten (and ideally to develop a helper script to make it super easy) I've opened a feature request on our issue tracker.

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I had download issues as well, turns out I didn't have enough storage assigned to the LXC.

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Apologies on the slow reply. Your post got caught by the spam filter and I only noticed it this morning.

Can you please provide some more details on the errors you are encountering? Ideally the explicit error messages, plus any further info. My guess is that it's an "out of space" error as suggested, or perhaps a permissions issue. Either way, more info will be helpful!

Besides the error messages you are getting, please also post the gameserver service's journal output:

journalctl -u gameserver.service
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During the initial setup where you can choose one of the 6 game servers to download, if you hit ESC you can update the list through the graphical menu.

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