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Hello all.

Has anyone managed to start a LIVE connection? Does anyone have the appropriate configuration to set up the connection with OBS Studio? Maybe there is a clear instruction on how to properly configure AVideo. I am asking for your understanding and reply.

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I haven't tested for a while, but last time I checked, yes the live streaming was working (IIRC I tested with VLC?).

How do you have it set up? Do you have a domain configured with a "proper" SSL cert (such as a Let's Encrypt cert generated by our Let's Encrypt integration)?

If not, then that's likely your issue! (Or at least one of them). The "live" functionality requires communication between the main site and the live streaming service. Both of these run on your server, but need to communicate between each other within your web browser. That communication occurs via https and self-signed certificates are not supported.

If you do have a certificate and everything else appears to be working, please share more info about how you have things set up. Please also share any info from your Apache logs that looks relevant. I suggest also double checking for javascript (and other) errors within your web browser's "developer tools console".

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Hello and Thank you for your reply.

Sorry for my English :) but thanks to Goole Translator :)

Regarding the first question. so I have my domain configured by Let's Encrypt integration The general page is displayed with the active certificate. the redirected ports are 443,8080,8443,1935. I think there is a problem somewhere in the configuration. but where? I will try to provide configuration files only at this point, I do not really have access.

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Your English seems fine to me, Google translate must be working! :)

If you can post back some more info on your config and I'll see if I can reproduce the issue. Also, the upstream documentation can be found here. It isn't set up exactly as noted there, but I recommend that you have a look through that and double check the AVideo settings.

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