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I have a Windows File Server joined to AD. Currently, users are storing data in this Fileserver.

I am planning to migrate Data from Windows to Ubuntu File Server.

I have installed Ubuntu 16.06 and joined to AD successfully and configured SMB.

My challenge is how to migrate data using to Ubuntu FileServer preserving timestamp, permissions and ownership.

Is there any way or script which does like creating block in smb.conf for share and execute necessary permissions on directory which is part of Migration

Any help is appreciated.



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This is the TurnKey Linux forums. TurnKey is based on Debian (which Ubuntu is also based on) so they're close... But not the same...

Anyway, my suggestion would be to add the Samba4 Server to the existing AD first. Then migrate the data, probably using rsync or something (I forget the switch but I'm sure that there is one that maintains timestamp, permissions and ownership). I assume that'd work...

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