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Hello, sorry for my english. I use TurnKey Redmine version (14.1). I make the backup by the command tklbam-backup --address=ftp://user:password@IP. How to make ncftpls work in PORT mode, and not in PASV mode?

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TBH, I don't use FTP at all (other than SFTP via a client) and have never personally used TKLBAM with anything but the Hub. So I am unfamiliar with the set up and have never used ncftpls (I've only ever used sftp or scp from the Linux commandline).

Having said that, if your FTP server is not using the default plain FTP port (21), you should be able to include the port in your address, i.e. something like this:

tklbam-backup --address=ftp://user:password@IP:PORT

If your server is using SFTP (via the default port, 22) then change the url to start with sftp:// e.g.:

tklbam-backup --address=sftp://user:password@IP
Assuming plain FTP (change ftp to sftp for sftp as noted above), a username of 'user', a password of 'password', the IP of your FTP server as and a remote port of 19, then it should look something like this:
tklbam-backup --address=ftp://user:password@
You should also be able to specify a path, e.g. to use /home/user/backups/:
tklbam-backup --address=ftp://user:password@
Hopefully that works for you. Let me know how you go.
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Sorry for slow response, but glad to hear you worked it out. I assumed that using the full url, i.e. starting with ftp:// would have been enough for it to realise.

But it sounds like it assumes that users are using SFTP, unless they explicitly set it up otherwise.

Thanks for posting back with your findings.

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