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Howdy Jeremy!  Since you usually answer  most of the questions. :)

I am SO loving the new LAMP Stack... but so far am unable to connect to the included MariaDB from outside Adminer.

I found the issue with the "root" user and its ok I have been using the "adminer" user instead to connect via adminer...  I also created a new user with rights to everything and can log in to adminer via that user also. 

What I cant do is connect to the ip address of the LAMP server using Navicat or HeidiSQL.  I just get some generic error.   Any ideas what I am missing?  Does it not listen on TCP/IP port 3306 like before?

Thanks for all the hard work! 

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I did set the default action in the firewall to Accept.  This is just an internal use server so its not hanging out on the open internet.

Still unable to connect to it from any software tool, however.


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Ok... even though webmin had "My Sql Server listening address" set to "Any" I found that the configuration file was set to just

So I edited the 50-server.cnf file via webmin and changed the following line:


bind-address        =


bind-address        =


I hope this might help someone else someday.

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Apologies I couldn't get back to you sooner. In fairness I was sleeping when you posted! :)

Anyway, I'm glad you worked it out. Thanks tons for posting back with your answer. I'm sure that will help others!

Whilst it took much longer to get v15.0 out the door than I ideally would have liked, hopefully it was worth the wait?! And actually, we're less that halfway through the release... But most of the heavy lifting is done now. It's just the last polishing touches on the remaining appliances and getting all the builds published.

Regardless, I'm really glad to hear that you're loving the new LAMP server! :)

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