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I have a small setup running Proxmox and i'm looking for some help on how to get a share in the trunkey fileserver to be seen in plex media server and the plex media server is running on a ubuntu container in proxmox. I'm new to proxmox and ubuntu and I'm hoping i can get a little help on getting a shared folder to been seen in plex. 


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There are many different options you could use to access the files between 2 Linux servers. But personally, my favourite is sshfs.

If you set up SSH keys, then no password is needed either which is handy IMO. As TurnKey already has SSH installed and running, you could do it from the Ubuntu side with no modifications required to your Fileserver. So long as the user (on Ubuntu) mounting the remote (Fileserver) location has write access to the local mount point, you shouldn't need to use sudo either.

Sorry that my answer isn't very specific, but I'm not that familiar with Ubuntu (although it based on Debian so should be pretty straight forward) and don't recall any of the command OTTOMH. Hopefully with the info I've shared, google should head you in the right direction. Thee should be plenty of info about setting up SSHFS. E.g. this, this and/or this.

One thing worthy of note though, is that by default you'll have trouble mounting SSHFS in an LXC container (e.g. on Proxmox) by default. But it is possible. I don't recall exactly, but google turned up a couple of likely looking posts here and an older (possibly not relevant one) here. The second is possibly a bit out of date, but may still be relevant, I haven't tested either, but they look worthy of a read at least...

If you get stuck or have any struggles, please post back and I'll do my best to help out. Actually, let us know how you go either way?! :) Good luck.

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Thank you! I'll look in to this and report back. 

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Thanks for the replay. I was in the middle of trying a few things out from your reply and then relalised i was asking a to spcfic of an quesiton. What my question should ahve been was how can i mount a folder from Poxmox to be shared/seen on both containers. So I'm looking more in to that and seeing what i can find.

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You could still use SSHFS, but it's probably overkill in that scenario. The Proxmox docs suggest adding a line to the relevant /etc/pve/lxc/$VMID.conf. IIRC I've used that, but I don't recall the details.

If you continue to have issues with that, I suggest that you try posting on the Proxmox forums as they know Proxmox better than me.

At least in theory, for the purposes of Proxmox LXC containers, TurnKey appliances should be the same as Debian (v15.x = 9/Stretch). But there are a few things we may do differently. If something that should work for Debian, doesn't with TurnKey, please let me know so I can investigate further.

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