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I installed and configured Observium Turnkey yesterday. Added several devices, it was working great. I've used Observium for years, but had always done a bare/clean install of CentOS, then installed Observium.


The system did an update last night at 9pm. Sent me an email. Looked like it was all great until I came into work this morning and now get this trying to access Observium:


DB Error 2002: No such file or directory





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Unfortunately last week, an auto security update broke things! :( All servers which include MariaDB (MySQL drop in replacement) by removing MariaDB. As noted in the blog post, we're in the process of rebuilding all the affected images. They should be updated within the next day or 2.

We're also working with Debian to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

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I deleted the VM. Did a clean install of Debian and installed Ubuntu. No more issues.


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Although as I just posted it was a broken auto-security update... Re-installing mariadb would have bought you back to where you were before it happened. But sounds like it's a bit late for that...

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The updated images are now live (as of Friday).

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