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Trouble getting file server to boot from iso.

New to Turnkey. 

D/L iso image, burned to dvd and booted dvd. Selected demo mode. Boot starts. Hangs at "[3.094012] Switched to clocksource tsc".

If I select install mode, same results.

Borrowed another PC. Works fine on it.

First PC is a Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 with a AMD Phenom II 965 and 8GB ram. Runs debian and ubuntu fine.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?



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Although the fact that you say Debian runs fine makes me think UEFI, rather than secure boot is the issue. FWIW whilst TurnKey is essentially Debian under the hood (v15.x = Debian 9/Stretch) there are some customisations. And unfortunately TurnKey doesn't currently support UEFI or secure boot. I suspect that if you disable both of them (most UEFI BIOS support a "legacy" mode in my experience) then you should be good. Although TBH, I'm only guessing.

FWIW the story behind that is that once upon a time TurnKey was based on Ubuntu. When we switched to Debian (circa 2012), Debian didn't have the option of booting live. Either it was a live ISO or it was an installer. We figured it was a pretty cool feature and we didn't want to leave it out, so we rolled our own (with bits from Ubuntu).

Fast forward 7 years and we still use the same code that we put together back then... Debian now has a live system which ideally we will migrate to. But we're a relatively small team with a lot of plans (and a lot of maintenance to do). As most users run TurnKey as a VM (either locally or as a cloud server) it often gets pushed down the list of priorities. Fingers crossed, hopefully we can include it for v16.0?!

Having said that, I'm only guessing and I may be wrong...

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