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i want to setup my openvpn server with amazoneaws. then please tell me sir how i can integrate turnkeylinux to amazone. 

i have already created account on amazone and on turnkeylinux. please help!

and please explain in detail as i am a student. 

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We have a service called the TurnKey Linux Hub which you can sign up for if you wish. That will allow you to create TurnKey Linux AWS servers (including our OpenVPN appliance, assuming that's what you are after?).

That will require you to sign up for a Hub account (requires a credit card and an AWS account). All new accounts start out with a free 14 day trial of our most popular plans; "Cloud - Bronze" for servers & "Backup - Standard" for backups. You can see the different Hub plans and their pricing on the public Hub pricing page. Please note that normal AWS costs may still apply (e.g. EC2 server running costs and/or S3 backup storage costs) are charged direct by Amazon. Once you have created your Hub account, and are signed in, you can see which plans you are subscribed to, and change them via your account Plans and Billing page. Please note, that downgrading to the free plans during the trial period will cancel the free trial. If you upgrade to a paid plan after that, you will be charged straight away.

Hopefully that all makes sense and answers your question. If you need more info, or I have misunderstood what you mean, please try again. If you do that, it would make it easier for me if you could please describe what you are trying to do in a bit more detail.

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