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Just getting started with HubDNS and AWS Route 53 with my own domain. I've gotten my first self-hosted server up with turnkey-core 15.0-1 and hubdns updated my ip address to route 53 with my ipv4 address. No ipv6 however. I haven't found any option to enable dynamic dns for ipv6. Is this possible with hubdns? I was really hoping it is, as the alternative is continuing to use my hacky bash scripts. Which I have been doing for the past year or so. I have done a bit of googling but not much comes up re hubdns. Any posts or other resources I may not have found yet?

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Unfortunately, you are correct and HubDNS does not (yet) support IPv6. :(

I'd really like to see this issue addressed, however there aren't a lot of spare cycles ATM. My main focus currently is getting v16.0 (based on Debian 10/Buster) out the door as soon as possible. Hopefully there will be an "RC" (release candidate) of Core available soon for users to have a play with...

FWIW, as part of the v16.0 upgrade, we're aiming to port all our software to python3 (from python2). We've done most of it (including HubDNS), and ideally I'd like all our (python) software to be python3 for v16.0. Although much of it hasn't yet been battle-tested, so there may still be some bugs... FWIW, I'm not going to allow that process to block the new release so there is a chance that some software may (at least initially) still be python2. Anyway, sorry I digress...

What will make updating HubDNS to support IPv6 a little more involved, is that I'm fairly sure that it's actually not just the HubDNS client, but the Hub itself that would need to be updated to support IPv6. That's because the Hub actually does most of the heavy lifting re DNS updates. HubDNS just provides the local interface for the Hub to do it's work. So that does raise the bar a bit.

In context of all that, unfortunately I don't see it happening anytime soon. To ensure that it doesn't get forgotten though, I've opened an issue on out issue tracker.

Sorry that I don't have any better news for you...

In the meantime, I'm happy to provide feedback on your script if you'd like (not that I'm the expert, but I'm pretty handy with bash and python).

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Thanks for the quick reply. Even if it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. I look forward to having ipv6 in hubdns eventually!

Right now my solution to getting ddns for ipv6 involves a bit of a hack using the ddns service at https://dynv6.com  Namecheap, where my domains have been, does not have ddns for ipv6 either (I thought this was the year of IPv6? Hah!)

Namecheap for mydomain.com

CNAME: server.mydomain.com --> server.dynv6.net

Then, the AAAA record is updated using this script as a cron job, https://pastebin.com/njc8AnH9

Now that I'm moving a domain to route 53, I'm hoping there is some way to cut out that middle service and update AAAA records dynamically. Does route 53 have something similar to how my script works now?

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