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I have created a new Fileserver container and am having trouble getting to a login from the Windows file browser. Here is what I have done so far to set everything up.

  • Created the LXC container and populated it with the TKL FileServer (v15.0)
  • Configured the FS from SSH
  • Logged in as root from the Webmin
  • Created Debian user (for demonstration purposes, we shall use the U/N "bob", password "12345")
  • Assigned "bob" to the "users" group
  • Converted Debian "bob" to Samba "bob"
  • Set Samba "bob"s password to 12345
  • Created a share with the correct permissions (bob:users)
  • Disabled and re-enabled the network adapter on my Windows machine(s) (I have tried this on multiple machines and had the same result)
  • Attempted to access my TKL Samba share at
  • Attempted to login with the correct username and password in the Windows Security Enter Network Credentials dialog box
  • Repeated Failure

Can someone point me in a direction I need to look to fix this? I had a TKL Samba instance up and running (very well) before but had a catastrophy and now I am recreating everything from scratch.Any help is appreciated before I pull out the rest of my hair.

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Ifound my issue. Simply needed to restart the Samba service. Bonehead move on my part!

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No worries Chris! It happens to the best of us! :)

Thanks for posting back though regardless. It might help someone else say "Doh!" a little sooner! ;)

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