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Can someone help me with step by step approach as to how to get Mayan EDMS apps running from the root terminal. I mean how do I get to see the mayan edms dashboard. Are there some commands  needed to run first before getting to that stage. Would very much appreciate a guide to that effect.



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Are you going to install Mayan on a bare metal server, virtual machine or a Linux container?

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Assuming that you got your networking issues (from your other thread) sorted out, then it should be running by default and "just work".

Although you don't access from within the terminal of your VM. You should be able to access the Mayan-EDMS dashboard from a web browser on any and every computer/connected device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, etc) on the same network as your VM. E.g. if you're VM is running on a LAN, then any computer/device that is connected to the LAN should be able to access it.

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