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I have a TK File server which I installed about three years back. Recently the system would not start and was stuck in the command screen. Somehow I managed to bring it to the Login prompt and managed to login. Now the box is pinging from my PC but the service does not start. 

Can some one tell me how to get the service webmin and file servers etc. started ?

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Not starting (when you haven't changed anything) is generally a bad sign and might perhaps suggest that there is a hardware issue? Especially if it now magically (sort of) works again for some unknown reason.

Also I'm unclear what you mean when you say "stuck in the command screen". Perhaps show us a screenshot?

Which service are you referring to when you say "the service does not start"? It sounds like you mean Samba and Webmin, but I can't be sure...

It would also be useful to know which version of TurnKey we're working with here. If you're not sure, please run:


Regardless, I suggest that you have a look for errors in your syslog (/var/log/syslog) for starters. Hopefully that might give you some indication of what has gone wrong?!

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