i made a snapshot of a VM runing turnkey linux ( vtiger crm updated to 7.3 )

there was not enough space so it failed.

no when i boot i get a error /dev/mapper/turnkey-root

and then the initramfs command line, do a fsck -y on that and after exit i get a cli login but after login some errors and no standard bleu menu but nothing and can not acces with ssh or web or anything.

anyone can help solving the disk error corrupted data problem? with commands i did not yet try


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It would be really useful if you could give us a full and exact copy of the error message(s). A screenshot will do (unfortunately, you'll need to upload somewhere else and link here as there is something wrong with file uploads/attachments).

Hopefully you have a backup?! If it's disk corruption, there is risk that you may have lost data. If that's the case, you may need to restore.

Regardless, if this is to do with disk corruption (as it sounds like ti is), hopefully running fsck (filesystem check) will be able to fix it.

To do that, boot your VM from a Linux Live ISO (TurnKey, Debian or even Ubuntu would probably do - if you use TurnKey be sure NOT to install!!!). After you have booted up, open a terminal and as root (or with sudo prefix) run the following:

lvchange -ay /dev/turnkey/root
fsck -fy /dev/turnkey/root

Hopefully that will do the trick...

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