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Would anyone happen to know how to force LGSM to download a game server update when using the Gameserver LXC? The documentation is lacking in this area. I run a TF2 server and there's an update and I've no idea how to force it to check/download the update.


Thank you!

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Sorry that I'm a bit slow on this one. I've been trying to push forward the new v17.0 release (publishing the rc is very close).

Anyway, you raise a good point. It's not well documented and I'm not actually sure. As it seems you've noticed, the gameserver appliance is just a wrapper around LinuxGSM. As such, AFAIK simply cycling the tf2 server should do the job (it should auto check for updates when starting).

The only thing I'm not 100% sure about is the best way to restart the service. From what I gather from looking over the code, there should be a systemd service called 'gameserver' that should do the trick. I.e.:

systemctl restart gameserver

Hopefully that also catches the log messages. If so, then checking the status ('systemctl restart gameserver') or reading from the journal ('journalctl -u gameserver.service') should give you the required info. If not, then my guess is that having a poke around in `/home/gameuser/gameserver/` might be useful? E.g. to find a file with a .log file extenstion:

find /home/gameuser/gameserver/ -type f -name "*/log"

Hopefully you either worked it out without me, and/or what I've posted here has helped. Let me know how you go. Any clarification you can provide might be of help to others. If you haven't managed to work it out yet, please post back and I'll dig in a little deeper.

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I found a way to do it. Just run this line:

cd ~/gameservers


./auto_install.sh -g tf2 -u gameuser -p /home/gameuser/gameserver

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