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I have a fileserver running on Proxmox as LXC installed with the Proxmox Template. The Data is stored on a ZFS share, binded as MP0.

I tried an update according to this post:

Unfortunately that totally messed up the LXC allthough it downloaded all files.


So now I came up with the idea of installing V17 as new LXC and Move the Data to that new LXC.

What would I have to do in addition to transfer Samba Users, shares, NFS shares, rsync settings, cron Jobs to the new LXC?

I am pretty unexperienced with Linux, so please write slowly ;)

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Hi Sven, glad to hear that our Fileserver has been of use to you.

I'd be open to trying to assist you with the upgrade if you care to share what "totally messed up the LXC" actually means.

If you'd rather have a go at doing a data migration, then off the top of my head, your suggested list sounds solid. The beauty of doing a data migration is that you can leave your old/existing server as is and migrate the data. If anything doesn't work on the new server, then you know you have some more work to do.

Please do post back if you have any further questions or issues. I'm certainly no Samba expert, but I know TurnKey pretty intimately and am generally fairly good at Linux problem solving.

If you're having issues, please describe the specific issue(s) in as much detail as possible. Include what you've done (included explicit commands you've run) and any resulting error messages (ideally copy/paste the exact error message).

Bottom line is that lack of Linux knowledge and/or experience is no issue. So long as you can give enough info, so that I can reproduce the problem, the chances of me being able to work out a fix are good. At the very least I can direct you to where you're likely to find more targeted assistance (e.g. if it's a Samba issue that is over my head, I might point you towards the Samba mailing list).

Good luck with it and please do share how you go regardless.

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