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I am talking about this one: https://www.turnkeylinux.org/typo3 

and I'm interested to know what versions of PHP/MYSQL/APACHE come installed by default. Any idea where that info can be found without installing it first?

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With a few exceptions (mostly third party software that isn't available from the repos), as much as possible we install packages from the official Debian repos.

As discussed elsewhere, there are pros and cons for that, but one of the biggest pros is that we can safely provide automatic security updates with a really low risk of something breaking. Also whilst software from the repos can get a little dated, it's generally rock solid stable and you can be guaranteed that current software APIs won't be broken by an update.

So to generally answer your question, the versions installed in the Typo3 appliance are the same as all the other LAMP based appliances (OTTOMH PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.5 & Apache 2.4).

To more explicitly answer your question ("how to find more details...?"), there is a manifest file for each appliance. The manifest includes all the packages and the versions which are installed by default from either Debian or TurnKey repos. On each appliance page, you'll see a text link that says "Manifest & Sigs" (to the far right of where it says "Builds").

If you click that it will take you to a directory on the mirror where all the signature files are, as well as the changelog and manifest. As you can see, the manifest is it's just a plain text list, but it's pretty easy to find what you're after using your browser's search (FWIW Ctrl-F in Chrome). Also the changelog should generally include the versions of (non-packaged) third party software which is included; although not always (it's something I'd like to tidy up, but we're not quite there yet...).

Additionally, one resource I use all the time, which you may find useful, is the Debian Package search. That will allow you to search the Debian package archives and get info about software, such as versions, dependencies, etc. E.g. here's the Apache page. It tells you that the current Apache version is 2.4.10 (-10+deb8u8 - the extra version info is Debian specific). It also notes which specific repository it comes from. In Apache's case; "security". Up in the top right corner you can select different Debian releases. v13.x was based on Debian Wheezy and v15.x will be based on Stretch, so you can check those versions too if you'd like...! :)

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Thanks Jeremy,

that was the most extensive and detailed answer I could have imagined and you not only answered my current question but also explained how I can fidn this type of info from now on for any other TKl appliance!

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Glad it was useful for you, means it wasn't wasted effort! :)

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