I have a Turnkey Hub account with one AWS account linked to it. I have installed a Turnkey appliance in another AWS account. I would like to link this AWS account to my Turnkey Hub account as I do not want to have another Turnkey Hub account.

Actually I am forced to maintain about 6 AWS accounts and, impressed by Turnkey Linux's appliances and services, am in the process of installing Turnkey appliances in all the AWS accounts. But it would be convenient if I had only one Turnkey Hub account to manage all my Turnkey appliances in the different AWS accounts. 

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When the Hub was first created (about 8 or so years ago) we did actually support multiple AWS user accounts. But it turned out that no one used it and as it added significant complexity to the backend code, we dropped it.

We did have thoughts of re-implementing it, once the Hub had grown a bit and if there was interest in it.

We have had multiple requests for multi-user Hub accounts (i.e. multiple people can log in to control servers backed by a single AWS account). But you are the first to explicitly ask for multiple AWS account support for a single Hub account (for as long as I can remember anyway).

So unfortunately, I don't expect that we'll be adding multi AWS account support any time soon. Regardless, I've opened it as a feature request. No idea when we might be implementing this though. We currently have a ton of Hub "issues" which we would like to address. We are intending to do another round of Hub development shortly, but no clear timeframe.

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