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Newbie user that didn't know config is space sensitive. I've formatted the config in notepad++ and because of that it was broken.



HI, can anyone plase help/walk me through configuring this one?

I've set config as per the gitlab.yml.example

    enabled: true
     label: 'LDAP'
     host: 'ourDC'
     port: 389
     uid: 'sAMAccountName'
     method: 'plain'
     bind_dn: 'CN=ouruser,CN=SA,CN=Users,DC=our,DC=domain'
     password: 'pwd'
     timeout: 10
     active_directory: true
     allow_username_or_email_login: true
     block_auto_created_users: true
     base: 'ou=IT,dc=our,dc=domain'
With this I get 502 error in browser


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bundle exec rake gitlab:ldap:check RAILS_ENV=production
(in /home/git/gitlab)
D, [2018-01-23T07:02:05.700867 #2222] DEBUG -- sentry: ** [Raven] (<unknown>): mapping values are not allowed in this context at line 34 column 11 excluded from capture due to environment or should_capture callback
rake aborted!

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Disregard this post.

DId not know that config file is space sensitive, copied spaces from previous values and now it works :)

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Apologies I didn't drop in sooner, although TBH, I wouldn't have been much help. My knowledge tends to be broad rather than deep. LDAP is certainly not a strength of mine, and I'm had limited experience with the GitLab appliance.

Thanks for posting back though, I'm almost certain that your comments will help out someone in the future!

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