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The subject line says it all. When I downloaded and installed
I could only see reference to ANSIBLE not LAMP.  Anyone else seen this? 
Can someone please point me to the actual LAMP download or have a guess at what might have gone wrong at my end -just in case I'm losing it.


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FWIW I just downloaded the LAMP appliance and ended up with the LAMP appliance as expected. In the hope of assisting you to work out what went wrong, I'll detail my experience step-by-step:

I downloaded the file using the link you provided. It downloaded a file called "turnkey-lamp-14.2-jessie-amd64.ova".

When I double clicked that it opened in VirtualBox and allowed me to create a new VM, auto named "TURNKEY LAMP". When I started that VM, I went through the firstboot scripts setting a password for the root account as well as the MySQL root user.

Once that was completed, it displayed the IP address of my new VM.

When I browsed to that IP, I was greeted by the expected landing page which says "TurnKey LAMP" at the top and has 3 icons; "Web Shell", "Webmin" & "Adminer".

Perhaps if you can confirm at what point your result was different, perhaps we can work out what went wrong for you?!

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