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Old install. Still being backed up daily.

It has some vTiger customisations done. - vTiger 5.4 as per your appliance.

I'd like to update to your current Debian.

Obviously there are some jumps involved. Can you recommend a process?


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In theory, the process of migrating your data to a new server should be as per migrating any other appliance.

However, in the case of vTiger itself, PHP version compatibility tends to lag behind many other PHP applications. I don't recall exactly, but I'm almost certain that vTiger v5.4 isn't compatible with PHP5.6 (what is in our v14.x appliances). FWIW, it's incompatibility with newer PHP versions is why there wasn't a v13.x vTiger appliance. Our v14.0 appliance was released with vTiger v6.3.0 so that should certainly be compatible with PHP5.6.

If you know much about PHP, you may be able to patch it to work. Or if you do some googling, you may even be able to find a patch that will allow your current vTiger to work with a newer version of PHP. Failing that, you'll need to upgrade vTiger to a newer version. TBH I don't have much experience with that, but a quick google suggests that there are lots of guides online. E.g. this.

I'm more than happy to help out as much as possible, so please post any further questions or issues you have. TBH, I may not know the answer, but my googlefu is pretty good and I do know TurnKey pretty well! :)

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