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For the life of me I can't seem to figure out the default username for Adminer.

I've tried 

Root, root, Admin, admin, Homestead, homestead, adminer, Adminer, Turnkey, turnkey. 


What am i missing?




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As noted under the "Usage details & Logging in for Administration" for each appliance, e.g. LAMP, for v15.0 the default "root-like" MySQL/MariaDB Adminer user is 'adminer' (no quotes).

Although I note that you stated that you have tried 'adminer', so perhaps you are using a PostgreSQL based appliance? The PostgreSQL "root-like" user is 'postgres' (again, as noted under "Usage details & Logging in for Administration" e.g. LAPP).

If you continue to have issues, perhaps try resetting the 'adminer' user password via the commandline by rerunning:


Or to reset the password for 'postgres' user on PostgreSQL appliances:


Hope that helps.

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